Fund Return 2018-2019

Fund return to 31 May 2019

Fund Name

Net Fund Return

1 month

Net Fund Return

Scheme Year to date

CIRT Multi Asset Fund -2.89% 1.58%
CIRT Cash Fund -0.09% -1.09%
CIRT Bond Fund 1.97% 7.07%
CIRT Equity Fund -5.77% 0.17%
CIRT Alternative Asset Fund


CIRT Property Fund 0.19% 3.08%

Investment Commentary


Provided by Mercer - CIRT Trustee Investment Adviser 


Market Developments

Following the strong start to 2019, risk assets continued to perform well in April. Developed market equities gained 3.8% (with Europe leading the way) as trade talks continued to bear fruit, global central banks remained accommodative and company earnings surprised on the upside. Emerging market equities returned 2.3%. Defensive fixed income assets fell marginally as the yield on US 10 year treasuries rose to 2.5%. High yield bonds posted gains as credit spreads tightened slightly. Emerging market debt performance was mixed. Commodity prices were largely unchanged as rising energy prices were offset by falling agriculture prices. The US dollar appreciated slightly while emerging market currencies fell by 0.5%.

Economic Data

Global economic data has been weaker recently. The US economy, however is still in good shape with the most recent GDP figure stronger than expected (partially driven by temporary factors such as inventory growth). The US consumer is doing well as the economy continues to create new jobs, wages are rising and inflation is at moderate levels. In the Eurozone, data continued to disappoint as the manufacturing sector struggled. However, the EU labour market is in good shape with unemployment at 7.7%, the lowest since 2008. In the UK, economic growth remained soft because of Brexit uncertainty. However, the labour market remains strong, with the unemployment rate at 3.9%, the lowest in 40 years. The Japanese economy has been struggling this year with industrial production falling by 4.6% compared to where it was a year ago. Sluggish growth is offset by a still healthy labour market which should continue to support wage growth in turn aiding consumer spending.



  • Scheme Year to date performance is the period from 1 June 2018 to the most recent month shown.
  • Performance shown is net of annual management charge.
  • The investment choices offered by the Trustee will be regularly reviewed and may be varied from time to time.
  • Before you choose a fund we recommend that you speak to a Financial Adviser.  The CIRT Trustee preferred Financial Adviser is Milestone Advisory DAC.  You can contact them or your own financial adviser to assist you to review your investment choices.  You can contact Milestone Advisory DAC. at Canal House, Canal Road, Dublin 6, at [email protected] or call them on 01 4068020. Their website is

If you require further information please contact the CIRT Team at [email protected]

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