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31 October is an important date in all of our calendars...

24/09/2019 Posted by CIRT Admin | Comments(0)


31 October is an important date in all of our calendars. It represents a last chance to get some money back from the taxman for 2018!






This is the final date on which you can claim tax relief on backdated pension contributions. If you pay a lump sum contribution by cheque and claim tax relief on this contribution by 31 October you can get tax relief in respect of the previous calendar year.

If you are self-employed you will have to calculate your tax liability in respect of

Your final tax assessment for 2018


Your preliminary tax for 2019

You can reduce your final tax liability for 2018, as well as your 2019 preliminary tax liability by making contributions to a pension by 31st October 2019 (or 12th of November 2019 if you are using Revenue Online Services ROS). 

If you are self-employed the following example shows the value of using a pension to reduce your tax liability while accumulating a retirement fund for your future:



Contribution paid 25 October 2019                                            €2,000

Reduction in 2018 tax bill (40% tax payer):                                 €800

Actual cost to you of additional €2,000 into your pension:       €1,200


If you make a pension contribution before 31/10/19 backdated for 2018, you effectively reduce your tax bill for 2018 with the tax relief on pension contributions.  This will have the knock on effect of reducing the preliminary tax bill for 2019.


Tax relief is available as follows:

Age Band

% of Net relevant earnings

Under age 30

15% of Remuneration

Age 30 to 39

20% of Remuneration

Age 40 to 49

25% of Remuneration

Age 50 to 54

30% of Remuneration

Age 55 to 59

35% of Remuneration

Age 60 and over

40% of Remuneration


Please note that an earnings cap of €115,000 applies for contributions.  Pension contributions made for 2018 must be deducted from the maximum tax-allowable contribution calculated based on these limits.

Subject to affordability, individuals on the higher rate of tax should consider maximising their pension contributions before the end of 2019 in order to benefit from the higher rate of relief available at 40%. 

Please note that the Revenue deadline is extended for members who complete their tax return online using the Revenue Online Service (ROS). This year the extended deadline is  Tuesday 12 November.



If you have any queries on saving for your retirement please contact the CIRT Admin Team on or on 01 4071430




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